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Iain Aitch: Disruptive consultant & ideas man

Like the cobbler with holes in his shoes, this page is the sad sign of a writer too busy with work to keep up with his own website. A whole new site is coming soon, but people keep asking me about a unique service that I offer.

That role is disruptive consultant, thinker and writer. Clients give me a rough brief about their business, charity or campaign and I throw ideas at it. These are not the ideas that their staff can come up with. These are the ideas of someone who thinks differently, knows how the media works, knows about guerilla tactics, knows about pranks and (most importantly) knows how to grab the attention.

I have never had a client not be wowed by the scope and value of ideas I offer, as well as the media impact they offer.

Here is a sample of the results for one client in one week.

These are the ideas of an artist, an author, a cultural expert, a Yes Men collaborator, a Borkowski.do consultant, a troublemaker, the man who staged the first UK flashmob (before they had a name), a guy that has written for every UK newspaper and several major publishers.

These are the ideas of a man who can work on a budget or shoot for the moon. I can give you ideas for one-offs, for campaigns, for advertising, for social media or for your business as a whole. I can come into your meetings or operate in the background. I can write for you, or brief others to do so. I can plan events programmes, suggest speakers and new contacts.

I can guarantee that these ideas are better than the ones you have already, even though I have not had them myself yet.

Contact me at: contact@iainaitch.com for an initial consultation and a quote or for more information on my consultancy services.

NB: I offer a standard 10% discount for registered UK charities and related campaign groups.






Those who I have worked with include:


Red Bull

Child Poverty Action Group

PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union)

FBU (Fire Brigades Union)

Talk Fracking

Xpat Jobs

Eden Spiekerman


Free Conference Call


Arts & Humanities Research Council

Channel 4 Television

Hays Recruitment

The Barbican

Transport for London


Dreamland, Margate

Virgin Trains


Forum For The Future