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I think it would be fair to say that I do not have the world's best singing voice, though this piece for the Guardian at least proved that I am not actually tone deaf. >> Melody faker

Watching Shane Meadows' film This Is England was uncannily like being taken back to my own youth as a tiny skinhead. This piece for the Guardian has all the gory details (and no, I was not a rightwing skinhead, as the headline may suggest!). >> 'Nazi salutes were part of the fun'

Going behind bars with my 'just visiting' card I find out that the most amazing art is being made in the cells and classrooms by our nation's growing prison population in the name of the Koestler Awards, which were judged by Grayson Perry. >> Odd is good

Artangel turned my home town into a giant film set for the making of a modern version of the story of Exodus. I went back for the Guardian to see what the locals made of it all. >> Plagues of frogs and lice

In the summer of 2006 I was taught five dance styles in five days for this piece on Dance Week in the Guardian. It was chosen by Guardian readers as one of their articles of the year. >> How I learned to stop worrying and love the dancefloor

Talking to Lockstock star Nick Moran before the opening night of his play about troubled 1960s recording legend Joe Meek for the Guardian.  >> Nightmares on wax

The Evens could play nightclubs and rock venues, yet they choose to play church halls and bowls clubs instead. I meet Fugazi frontman Ian Mackaye and Amy Farina to find out why. >> Time to get Evens

Meeting Rockney legends Chas and Dave for this Guardian piece. They even sang for me. One of the Guardian's articles of the year.  >> Rockney geezers

A chat with Folk Archivists (and Turner Prize-winner) Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane about Superkings, cake and drawing rude pictures on the back of white vans.  >> Hot stuff

I meet outsider artist and musician Sexton Ming for the Guardian to discuss toilet humour, his first solo show and avoiding a day job.  >> Can't sing, can't draw, can't paint

Morrissey and The Smiths have found a new fanbase amongst LA Latinos. I speak to William E Jones for the Guardian about his film on the phenomena.  >> Mad about Morrissey

Having become an unofficial expert on re-enactments I was intrigued by artist Rod Dickinson's ambitious plan to recreate the siege of Waco on the outskirts of London. I faced my hatred of coaches to witness the event.  >> Noise annoys

A trip down to Margate for the Guardian to discover why the proposed design for the Turner Contemporary gallery has been brought to a sudden halt. >> Seaside with a squall coming up

Witnessing the re-enactment of The Cramps' famous Napa Mental Hospital gig for the Guardian.  >> It beats bingo!

Who would have thought it? The world of avant-garde art and cinema is not dead at all, but alive and well in an amazing former horse hospital tucked behind Russell Square tube station. From the London Evening Standard. >> The real home of avant-garde

Husband a wife duo the Handsome Family are a fascinating mix of beauty, darkness and oddity. This Guardian article from 2000 tells unusual tales of mental illness, Apple computers and helicopter deities. >> He's eaten cat food


Perhaps I am just cursed, but whenever I stay at a design hotel something goes wrong, as I discuss in this Financial Times article. >> Hotels to offer a good night's sleep

I try out the strange world of geocaching for Hotline, as I wander vacantly around Milton Keynes holding a GPS receiver in the air and looking for ammunition boxes hidden in the woods. >> The curious world of geocaching

The misery of travelling on our rail network for the Big Issue. Not as bad as my experiences on Silverlink's rail-replacement bus service, but almost. >> Blood on the tracks

I take a trip to Whitby to see what happens at the witching hour in the town made famous by Bram Stoker's Dracula. >> Vacation with a vampire


An interview with philosopher Alain De Botton about his latest musings on the built environment for Dwell magazine. Can architecture lift our mood or only reflect it? >> The Architecture of Happiness

Meredith Bowles loves a barn. So much so that he designed one with a modern twist and environmentally-friendly features for his family to live in. From Dwell. >> Paint it black

Sir Norman Foster's holiday home in St Moritz, where adventurous modernism meets traditional Swiss craft skills. From Dwell. >> Tradition tempts technology

Coming from Margate the discovery that Dreamland's Scenic Railway had become a listed building came as a nice surprise – especially as my grandfather used to take it out for a spin every morning. >> Seaside special

How an old handbag factory in North London became home to two families who hail from four nations. From Dwell. >> One house. Two families

So what's it like to live in the window of a department store? I find out for Dwell. >> How much is that lady in the window?

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